My Services

Reiki Healing/EFT & TFT Tapping/Aromatherapist, Empowerment Coaching.

Have you ever walked into a crowd of laughing people having a great time?  Like you could actually feel the energy?  That energy is real, it's the universal light energy that resides within all of us; that flows through all of us.  You may have heard it called different names: Chi, Ki, Prana, Light or Spirit.

Often times this free flowing energy slows down or becomes blocked when we max out our own stress meter, when we attach ourselves to certain emotions, beliefs, thoughts or memories or have unprocessed wounds. Over time, these blockages may cause emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical issues.  

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing which involves tapping into the universal light energy and use it to balance the energy around us and within us, giving way to purify the body and mind.  It also helps promote inner balance and natural healing to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and more!

Best part is anyone can receive it. It is non secular and you can reap the benefits without any faith claim.  

Happy people vibrate on a higher frequency.  Let's get you vibrating higher.