Soul Essence Studio

Your soul's destination.

A unique style of Mindset/Mindful Coaching & Reiki Healing that aims to align the energy in your body and mind; allowing you to experience your true essence... your authentic self.

At Soul Essence Studio we embody the mind/body connection for the purpose of self-healing & wellbeing.


Reiki, is a powerful, ancient Japanese healing technique that restores the flow of energy through our body.

At our most healthiest, the energy flows effortlessly through. However, traumas or emotionally experiences may cause blockages, disruptions to this flow causing the mind and body to feel unbalanced... showing up in the form of pain, illness, stress, anxiety, or negative thoughts.

Our sessions are designed to free those blockages, allowing for the resurgence of happiness, wellness and optimism.

The best part about this is the results are immediate. A feeling of lightness and relaxedness is almost guarenteed.


Using a blend of motivational coaching, positive psychology, mindset work, straight up talk therapy and mindfulness, our sessions are based on the mind/body connection.

While these are all separate areas of study, bridging them together has a lot value, because hey... we are all unique in our own way :)

Why coaching?

Well, there is a long list of reasons & it may be different for everyone! But what is the same is the power to change.

Whether it's learning techniques to just calm & comfort yourself or break free from thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back or your ready for a self-discovery journey that sets you on a path to align with your authentic self.

Whereever you are on this journey we called life, I got you! Click on Services (top of page) to see the different Care Packages I offer!


A holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being.

Although, essential oils may seem like a new buzz word, aromatherapy and their therapeutic benefits have been around for centuries.

Research shows that inhaling certain scents can have a direct impact to the emotional center of the brain, the amygdala. Yes, that means, certain scents are know to make you feel good!

So of course, essential oils will be used in our sessions and better yet, tailored to your specific needs. These scents are also available for purchase from yours truly. So you can literally hold a mindful tool and technique in your pocket.


Soul Essence Studio is now proudly part of Pure Life Acupunture center

Conveniently located on:
6165 Jericho Turnpike, Commack NY 11725

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When I met Sabrina I was at a very low point in my life. I struggled to see things clearly for myself. Sabrina's coaching approach has truly changed my perspective on life. With her compassion and beautiful energy that she radiates, she provides a peaceful and loving environment. She has taught me so much and has truly changed my life. The reiki that she provies leaves me grounded and peaceful. She is a bright light that the world truly needs.

Dee D

Sabrina is a beautfiul soul and anyone who gets to work with her is lucky. SHe takes the time to be there for you, sends you beautiful remind emails to keep your spirit up and mind clear inbetween sessions. She truly puts her heart into her passion. I would recommend her 100%, she changed my life.

Michele D

If your perceptions are holding you back from experiencing life as it should be, you need to speak to Sabrina. She has helped me to get rid of old baggage by just changing my perspective. Always positive and upbeat she tranfers this energy to you through the most rejuvenating reiki session and/or through her easy and relaxed coaching. I always leave with new tools, motivation and oh so relaxed

Kathy S