Soul Essence Studio

Your soul's destination.

A place to reconnect with your mind, body & soul, giving you the power to experience your best life.

At Soul Essence Studio we embody this connection for the purpose of self-healing & wellbeing.


Reiki, is a powerful, ancient Japanese healing technique that channels & clears energy. Reiki, refers to the "life force" or energy that flows through us, call Ki.

When Ki flows effortlessly, we experience a sense of well-being, happy, and optimistic. When Ki is disrupted, it weakens the functioning of organs & tissues, causing your mind and body to feel unbalanced. Which often shows up in the form of pain, illness, stress, anxiety, or negative thoughts.


With the understanding that the mind, body & soul are connected it is important to nurture all aspects of it.

Our mindfulness/mindset mentoring has been developed based upon this thought. Using positive psychology approach guided by mindfulness to help bring a greater awareness to what shapes our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and the story we tell ourselves. With non-judgement & compassion we then take these stories & any self-limiting beliefs and rewrite them, giving you a greater experience of your life.


Emotional Freedom Tapping is a form of Energy Psychology where by the practice of tapping your fingertips on specific meridian points and talking through a wide range of emotions can ease many fears, anxiety and phobias. This involves deep focus, on accepting and resolving the negative emotion.

Following the principals of Reiki, any negative emotions are felt as a disruption through the body's energy. Tapping is another way to restore the body's energy balance, whereby negative emotions, fears & anxieties are conquered.


Soul Essence Studio is now proudly part of the Phoenix Rising Wellness Team!

We are a team of like minded professionals looking to guide your on your health and wellness journey using modalities rooted in tradition, yet based on science with the soul purpose of encouraging your well being.

Immerse yourself in this absolute Mind, Body Healing experience:

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I am a 911 survivor with pulmonary issues as a direct result of exposure to dust and asbestors during the attack on the WTC. I had my first ever Reiki session with Sabrina via video conferencing, within minutes my breathing eased. I experienced deep relaxation and fell asleep. I am in awe how relaxed I still am. Sabrina was an excellent reiki practitioner and I highly recommend her.


I have been doing Reiki & mindfulness coaching with Sabrina for a few months and its been truly an incredible experience. I come out of my sessions feeling refreshed, peaceful and so much more in tune with myself. Somedays, I come out feeling like Snowwhite!

Kathi A

I've never considered myself to be a skeptic but when I first came into reiki I was. After my first experience with Sabrina, I came out feeling relaxed and my mind was clear. So I thought, ok, it was just me giving myself time to relax. But then I started noticing subtle differences in my reactions to things, in my responses to people. I was more grounded. From Reiki... and this still blows my mind, I've gained a different perspective on things. A more peaceful outlook.

Bree K