About Me

As a born healer, my empathy and passion for helping others have been at the forefront of my life: Starting in my teenage years when it was my mission to keep the neighborhood kids off the streets and out of trouble.

A fascination of the mind led me into the field of psychology, where I earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Masters in I/O Psychology, with a concentration on coaching and consulting.

With my MANY interests and thirst for life, I used my passion as a compass by which to navigate this chaotic world. This provided me with an eclectic portfolio of work experiences in the entertainment, automotive and wine industries, as well as in the corporate world.

Having enjoyed the experience and successes, appreciating the skills and knowledge each brought, there was something was still more to do.

In search for true purpose, I took on a supporting role at a not-for-profit organization, where I brought mindfulness education into elementary schools. The fulfillment and self-enrichment felt in coaching these young minds, became an ‘AHA” moment.  The mind, body, and soul connection... it's real and needs to be nurtured!  This brought me to conjointly taking on the coaching patients at a health and wellness center, where I supported patients towards a new holistic approach to their health.

Here I was introduced to Reiki, a form of energy healing. At first, a receiver. As with most people who seek out Reiki I was riddled with stress and anxiety which literally had brought me to my knees.  And like most, I walked out feeling like I was on top of the world and had no clue how.  I continued with my sessions and I noticed the more I began to understand how Reiki worked, the more I opened myself up to a whole new perspective on life.

This new understanding brought me clarity & inner peace. This Reiki thing, provided immediate relief but the continuation of it unraveled many unanswered questions as it opened up the relationship to myself.

Needless to say, I am now a practicing Usui Reiki Master, mindfulness/mindset mentor and natural product developer, as well as a recently certified EFT/TFT practitioner. Combining all these disciplines with her passion and life experiences, she is doing what she loves -helping people off their knees and guiding them to their authentic power!

When I finally tuned out the static of the world and listened to my soul, my life’s mission became clear, and Soul Essence Studio was born.